Cloud computing content management and collaboration service provider NetDocuments has announced the release of NetDocuments 13.1, an update that boasts improved security and functionality features.

Since the company’s launch in 1998, NetDocuments has been improving how documents are managed, stored and shared by providing users with an alternative to more traditional hard copy methods of file storage and inter-office mail services. More recently, they partnered with social collaboration company, Socialtext to improve how enterprise data is found within the social collaboration platform.

Collaboration has always been a main pillar of our company, and the new document delivery tool, which was highly requested by our customers, provides the easiest way for our customers to work with someone outside their organization while maintaining complete control of their documents,” said Leonard Johnson, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at NetDocuments.

What is NetDocuments 13.1?

With Netdocuments 13.1, which is currently available to users in US and Europe data centers, the company has introduced over 20 updated and new features, according to Lee Duncan, the company's COO. Two of the more prolific changes include a more secure document sharing format and a new search engine function.

Unlike previous versions of the product, documents can now be shared as a secure link within the Secure Document Delivery feature. With this feature, users can easily and securely share documents with colleagues and clients, even if they don’t have a NetDocuments account. Users can use the system to create a URL that can be sent to one or multiple email address. In order to make this link as secure as possible, documents can be equipped with a password, given document permissions, locked to prevent editing or given an expiry date so after a predetermined amount of the time the URL will no longer work.

In addition to a more secure file sharing feature, NetDocuments has introduced an updated enterprise search function that is powered by the Solr search engine. By incorporating Solr into its system, searches done through the NetDocuments platform will be more efficient.

Other new and updated features include:

  • Office Integrations: As with other versions of the product, NetDocuments 13.1 is fully integrated with Office. With this update however, the way it works with Outlook and Word has changed. Outlook users will now have easier access to email addresses while Word users now have the option of inserting Doc ID into the footer.
  • Column Redesign: Not all of the NetDocuments 13.1 updates are regulated to products and services. On the edit look-up page, headings are now listed as key, description, type, closed, access and hold.
  • API: In an attempt to improve its API capabilities, document sizes can now be retrieved when using the API service. In addition, email properties can be changed using a SOAP API.
  • A More Organized System: Because most users work with more than one file at any given time, NetDocuments has changed the way documents look after they have been viewed or changed. For example, if a file is archived then the Add Version, Lock, Delete, Import New Version and Auto-Version tabs will be grayed.

User Loopholes

In his post, Duncan states that if users don’t want to include the new delivery feature in their NetDocuments platform they don’t have to. The Cabinet Administrator will merely have to disable the option in the Cabinet Administration page.