Nuxeo has unveiled Nuxeo Studio 2.9, an updated version of its application and solution software development tool.

As a content management platform for business applications and software solution developers, Nuxeo has been working on improving its products. In September, it launched the newest version of its enterprise content management platform -- Nuxeo 5.6. The Nuxeo platform provides users with document management, digital asset management and case management tools, which includes the Nuxeo Studio product. On the heels of releasing version 5.6, it also held its annual conference Nuxeo World 2012, where the company’s progress and current and upcoming projects were discussed.

With the launch of Nuxeo Studio 2.9, the company aims to improve the application’s pre-existing features, so that the tool is more efficient and easier to use. As a development assistance product, Nuxeo Studio provides application and solution developers with tools that help with graphic customization and content configuration by eliminating the code input step, so they can quickly, but efficiently finish and release their newest product.

Introducing Nuxeo Studio 2.9

With 12 updated and new features, Nuxeo has completely redesigned the Studio. Some of the updates include:

  • Multi-user mode: Collaboration is a key part of any successful business and with Nuxeo Studio’s multi-user mode, developers can work together on projects, decreasing the amount of time it takes to design a new solution or application. This module also comes with a requestable auto-locking mechanism, which monitors real-time releasing and presence management.
  • Workflow graph: Before this update, most of Nuxeo’s graphs were very basic. The company has added symbols to help make graphics more dynamic and easier to read.
  • Tab: The summary feature has been removed from Nuxeo Studio and has been replaced by the basic Tab for those who've upgraded to Nuxeo 5.6. The company says the updated tab feature has more widgets and layout options.
  • Faceted search: Those who use version 5.7 of the Nuxeo platform, will have access to this feature, allowing users to add filters to their search module.
  • Alert on Studio: Users don’t have to wait for the company to announce updates or other important notifications in press releases, they now have an “Alert on Studio” feature where incoming notifications, such as product updates, are immediately posted to the Nuxeo platform.

Those who use Nuxeo Studio don’t have to separately download it to add to the platform, as it was automatically integrated with Nuxeo 5.6 upon its release.

Nuxeo has mentioned that some of its tools will be compatible with the unreleased, version 5.7, expected to be launched in the coming months.