Open Source DAM Vendor TACTIC Now Available in AWS Marketplace

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Open Source DAM Vendor TACTIC Now Available in AWS Marketplace
Amazon Web Services will now offer TACTIC's digital asset management and workflow system, and the open source system will now live in the clouds as well as in the browser and in internal deployments.

TACTIC 4.0 in the Clouds

For those large organizations that have multiple file systems and databases, TACTIC offers a way to mine all that data to help create workflows that move information through a given system. TACTIC 4.0 debuted in 2013, and brought with it more customization options, a plug in architecture and configurable HTML5 themes.

Digital workflows come in all shapes and sizes, so having a cloud option seems like a good option for those large organizations already using AWS. Content creators in busy work environments with high traffic volumes can best use TACTIC for applying business logic to various data systems and helping to visualize it. Once TACTIC maps to the data, it's HTML5 Themes and project management features help to build custom interfaces for moving or interacting with it.

This allows customers to use whatever workflow rules they already have in place in order to further organize and segment those rules for different people or use cases. Data sources from legacy systems can be routed together in the cloud, and made more manageable in any AWS environment.

Learning Opportunities

Workflows Never the Same

Companies and the people who work there often have their own ways of doing things, so an open system like TACTIC could be a good way for them to build off of their already existing systems. When it comes to digital assets, it's getting to the point where some organizations simply have so much of it, they need a streamlined way to manage it.

A system like TACTIC might allow them to do that without having to replace any core infrastructure, on ongoing issue in the enterprise. Once a defined workflow is implemented within TACTIC, and a custom interface built, it can be shared on the TACTIC community site. TACTIC is a free tool that its parent company, Southpaw Technology, offers professional services for, and commercial licenses are available.