Open source enterprise content management system (enterprise CMS) platformprovider Nuxeo has announced impressive new information about its growth in2011. The company doubled both its revenue and customer base in the NorthAmerican market, perhaps signaling a shift in market demand for more platform-centric solutions.

Nuxeo’s Growth

Last year was a busy year for Nuxeo. The company showed its continuing commitment for shifting to a platform-centric approach to delivering enterprise CMS. Nuxeo Platform 5.5 added a significant set of new features such as support for social networking, mobile content delivery to Android and multiple developer-focused enhancements. In addition to its focus on product delivery, Nuxeo also contributed heavily to the open source community, donating its content repository technology to the Eclipse foundation and participating in the development of standards such as Content Management Interoperability (CMIS). It seems the efforts paid off.

Nuxeo increased the number of customers for its Nuxeo Connect subscription service, which provides support, access to Nuxeo Marketplace and Nuxeo Studio and soft maintenance, by 40% globally. The company had particular success in the North American market; it doubled in terms of customer base and revenue. Downloads of Nuxeo tripled in 2012 and the number of users of  Nuxeo Studio quadrupled. The growth led the company to open two new US offices in New York and San Francisco. The company plans to continue with its growth strategy in 2011, enhance its product features and continue expanding the platform across multiple channels.

Learning Opportunities

Content Management as a Platform

Nuxeo’s growth is obviously good news for the company, but it may also signal larger trends in the enterprise CMS market. First, enterprises are more willing to leverage open source solutions as a component of their application portfolio. Nuxeo and many other open source providers experienced notable growth in 2011 as companies looked to open source not just for cost savings, but also for innovation.

Beyond just being a statement of strength for the open source sector, Nuxeo’s success also demonstrates that companies are becoming frustrated with packaged enterprise CMS solutions. Many organizations want a more holistic view of content or need to leverage content as part of a larger business solution without replication. These things can be difficult to accomplish in traditional solutions not specifically designed for extensibility or integration.