OpenText Ditch the Competition for Our EIM Suites OTEW2014

ORLANDO, Fla. -- OpenText pulled no punches in the official opening session of its Enterprise World 2014 conference this morning at the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort here.

It's enticing potential customers to ditch competing products and adopt its own enterprise information management (EIM) suites.

Targets Competing Products

OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea told the crowd of about 1,950 today that customers of nine of its leading competitor offerings can get a deal to switch to one of OpenText's five EIM suites — content, process, experience, information exchange or discovery.

Specifically, OpenText's CEO cited nine competing software product offerings: Documentum, FileNet, Trim, Interwoven, Autonomy, ClearWell, Kofax, ReadSoft and Hyland Software.

It's the 8,200-employee, Waterloo, Ontario-based company's "trade in, trade up" program. OpenText, according to one of Barrenechea's slides this morning, is "growing up" while its competitors are "not showing up."

"Do you really want your EIM suite to be from a printer company?" Barrenechea asked the audience, taking a jab at HP, one of the companies in OpenText's trade up program.

Update: HP Responds

Joe Garber, vice president of information governance for HP Software, responded this afternoon directly to Barrenechea's salvo at his company, telling CMSWire:

“It is amusing to see a CEO from our competitor spend time at his annual conference talking about us. Clearly we continue to take share from them, and he’s worried. We have a compelling vision and product lineup for what he’s describing as EIM, which spans ECM, archiving and eDiscovery. Only HP is a current market leader in key analyst reports -- Forrester ECM Wave, Gartner Magic Quadrants for archiving and eDiscovery -- in this space. These are tangible measures of market leadership that OpenText cannot match across the board, which clearly demonstrate HP is far more than just a printer company.”

OpenText is a leader in Forrester's latest ECM Wave and Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant for ECM. HP made Forrester's, but not Gartner's.

Not Just HP

The companies on OpenText's target list include Documentum, IBM, HP, Symantec, Kofax, ReadSoft and Hyland Software. If you exchange select products from these vendors, you can get any one of OpenText's Red Oxygen EIM suites, which were unveiled at last year's Enterprise World in the same sunny city.

Hyland's OnBase ECM solution partnered with Xerox earlier this month to help organizations more effectively capture, manage and automate business processes involving both digital and paper content.

What do you get if you ditch one of OpenText's competitors for OpenText?

  • One year of free hosting
  • One year of OpenText Integration Center & InfoFusion
  • One week of free viability assessment

Users can also exchange their licenses for the cost of maintenance. The program expires June 30.

Barrenechea said the program is born from OpenText's confidence. He called it a "free your data" program where customers of competitors can benefit from OpenText's "confidence in the cloud" and reduce costs.

It's not the first time, by the way, OpenText has offered a trade program -- and not the first time it's targeted HP.

Red Oxygen Updates

That wasn't the only thing Barrenechea discussed. He was giddy about the new OpenText cloud offering, Core.

The CEO also hyped OpenText's new service pack for its Red Oxygen suite that provides upgrades to each of OpenText’s five EIM Suites including new analytics, systems management and usability enhancements.

The upgrades are a result of customer feedback since last year, which led to the "major service pack to Red Oxygen," Barrenechea told the audience. They provide a better "user experience" and have "reduced the cost of ownership," he claimed.

OpenText has also added capabilities to "take out" data from systems in the form of what he called "insightful analytics." The "SP1" service pack is expected to be available in March.