There’s a gap in the kinds information management solutions available to businesses today. On one side there are the heavy-hitting, feature-filled Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that highly regulated life sciences, energy and financial industries require.

On the other side, there are Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solutions that typically store content on public clouds. And then there’s Box, which is busily adding social and collaboration features to its EFSS service.

But until today there hasn’t been a vendor that provides a business information management service that sits on a private cloud and offers secure social and collaboration features, without any involvement from IT at all. That’s right, end users can buy OpenText’s new enterprise-grade Information Management solution, OpenText Core, with a credit card and get busy.

“It’s designed for the digital first world. It’s very intuitive, requires no learning and is focused on the business,” said Lubor Ptacek, vice president of strategic marketing, at OpenText.

Totally New


OpenText Core is the first, enterprise-ready information management solution that’s been built from the ground up for the cloud, he added. What it isn’t, according to Ptacek, is a repackaged consumer solution with an enterprise label attached to it.

Though we haven’t yet seen OpenText Core, the company claims it provides a compelling experience to end-users as well as to enterprise IT. It has been designed to provide a balance between usability and functionality and simplicity and security.

“It’s sophisticated yet uncomplicated,” added Ptacek.

Unlike information management solutions that were built years ago, OpenText Core has been designed to be  social and collaborative, providing  users with the ability to easily share the right information with the right people, via any device, thereby allowing users  to collaborate in a fast, easy and accessible way.

Collaborative Yet Secure

An easy use case scenario might be center around the creation of a YouTube clip. The members involved might sign up for OpenText Core and start loading files: the author of the film might upload the script, the composer might upload the music, wardrobe might upload costume designs and so on.

From there co-collaborators might leave notes or “like” certain pieces of content. They can access the files via most any endpoint (mobile or web). Once they hit "save," however, the files are cleared from the mobile device.

The beauty of OpenText Core is that it’s intuitive, enterprise-grade and easy to work with. The challenge will be getting users s on board before they find some other way or a competing solution appears. Prices vary from $5 to $30 per user per month.