OpenText is one of a number of enterprise information management companies that has led the charge on providing content management for specific verticals. This week, it focused on the legal industry with the release of OpenText Tempo Express.

OpenText’s Data Management

Tempo has been around for a while with the general release last November. That release centered on making document sharing quicker and mobile, with users also able to synchronize data across all computers and data. In March, that release was bolstered by a Tempo Express Edition.

According to OpenText, both editions offer consumer-oriented document sharing cloud services coupled with rigorous records management designed to keep even the most compliant-happy enterprise satisfied.

Five months later, OpenText is adapting that for the legal industry. This provides a vertically-focused solution that gives users the benefits of Tempo and OpenText’s eDOCS document management system, which enables legal professionals to access and share documents anywhere in full security.

Security is a major consideration for legal professionals, if not the major consideration, and if they are happy to use document sharing and collaboration, there is no reason why other verticals that need secure document access can’t use it. It’s probably a good bet that something similar is being prepared for the financial sector.

OpenText Tempo, eDOCS

Not only does the combined solution add better collaboration, it also offers quicker response times to content access requests, while providing better control over intellectual property to offset the threat posed by data leakage.

According to OpenText the solution is also extremely easy to use and through the cloud offers document sharing services along with records management that come with all the security requirements in place to meet both internal security protocols as well as ensuring industry regulations are met.

The purpose of all this is, of course, to better manage information. As we have seen in the past, information means money and this product aims to maximize the use of information by eliminating what it describes as ‘islands of information’ that exist across even the most information-efficient enterprises.

OpenText Tempo Express and OpenText eDOCS DM are all key components of OpenText's Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy, which also includes solution for everything from information governance, compliance issues and, financial information risk management, combined with the ability to add structure to unstructured information. More on OpenText’s EIM strategy as it is revealed.