Oracle is on the acquisition path again, just a few weeks after it closed the RightNow deal. This time Oracle is adding to its public cloud by purchasing talent management solution provider Taleo for a price of US$ 1.9 billion.

And like RightNow, Taleo offers software to deal with a specific set of business problems. While RightNow offers sales force automation and customer relationship management solutions, Taleo's human resource management capabilities will further broaden Oracle's Public Cloud offerings.

Make the Most of Your Employees

With Taleo, Oracle will offer enterprises a way of managing enterprise talent from the time someone is taken into a company, to the time they leave, enabling enterprises to identify the best ways to motivate individuals and utilize their skills in the best way possible.

It also offers enterprises ways to identify the best place to insert employees into teams, which with the current massive and speedy development of enterprise collaboration scenarios enabled by collaboration technologies, should offer better management across entire teams, and not just individuals.

The deal hasn’t closed yet, but is expected to go ahead without a hitch by the middle of the year.

Oracle’s Growing Cloud

While the deal indicates a growing interest in the cloud, despite Larry Ellison’s previous snipes at the cloud and cloud providers, this is also expected to help Oracle stave off the worst of the slowdown in software sales growth that is apparent globally and which threatens to worsen if Europe fails to reverse current negative economic trends.

Like the RightNow deal, it targets an area of growth in enterprise spending and derives from the interest enterprises have shown in any technology that can either save them money, or make them money.

The deal also follows on the heels of SAP’s decision to buy SuccessFactors for US$ 3.4 billion in December as it, too, tries to catch up with the cloud computing market.