In a hands-on, sneak peek of Oracle’s upcoming Big Data Appliance due to ship Q1 2012, the company is making available for download today its Oracle NoSQL Database with Enterprise Grade support that was announced in early October. 

The technology represents a shift for Oracle. We’re talking “massive amounts of data” including data maintained by social networks, and other dynamic schemas including web log, plus sensor and smart meter data and data gathered for personalization.

Made for Rapid Development, Deployment

Oracle said its technology, using a “…simple key-value data model, the highly-available and scalable [that] facilitates efficient storage of data in a simple, flexible format, and is ideally suited for rapid development and deployment of applications.”  

The technology targets a more fluid approach to data delivery, according to Oracle vice president of database development Marie-Anne Neimat, who said that the new technology is based on the Berkeley DB database, for “…customers who are acquiring massive amounts of data who are unsure about the schema, who want more fluid capture of the data,” in an IDG News story today.

Consistency is the Key

The company said it manages consistency much better than traditional NoSQL offerings. Oracle’s approach offers developers configurable consistency options to meet different application needs. This is unlike other NoSQL offerings that make writing applications difficult by providing only “eventual consistency,” where multiple copies of data are “eventually” updated, leaving the responsibility for generating code to handle consistency with the application developer.

Key benefits of Oracle NoSQL Database include:

  • Commercial-Grade software and support (Fast, scalable, reliable, and easy to install and configure)
  • Scalable throughput and bounded latency (Scales almost linearly) 
  • Simple programming and operational model (Simple major + sub key and value data paradigm) 
  • More relaxed support of ACID transactions (Provides flexibility of programming for large datasets in horizontally scaled environments)
  • Backed by Oracle support, (offers customers one point of contact for troubleshooting issues and maintaining availability of critical database instances)

The shift in “big data” strategy was confirmed by Oracle’s senior vice president Andrew Mendelsohn, who said, “Oracle NoSQL Database is a key component of Oracle’s Big Data strategy. As customers look to manage the huge explosion in data from new and evolving sources, such as Web, sensors, social networks, and mobile applications, Oracle is helping them unlock the value of this data by providing a highly-available, reliable and scalable NoSQL database environment.” 

Oracle announced the technology at the OpenWorld conference that ran from September 30 through October 4. The Oracle Big Data Appliance system will ship in Q1 CY2012.