Pentaho is continuing its efforts to make big data a first -class citizen in business analytics. In October of last year, the open source business analytics provider began its efforts to comprehensively embrace big data by adding support for Hadoop and a few other NoSQL data sources. Now the company is going a step further.

Pentaho: Now With More Big Data Goodness

Many analytics providers are scrambling to incorporate big data support into their tools as the technology such as NoSQL becomes more mainstream. The effort as usual begins with support for big data superstar Hadoop. Pentaho checked off that box last year, and is now offering more comprehensive support for big data sources. 

Pentaho has announced a new strategic partnership with DataStax, a provider of commercial services and products for Apache Cassandra, another popular NoSQL database. The partnership allows Pentaho to offer native integration between its data integration platform, Pentaho Kettle, and Cassandra repositories. The new capability allows users to gain access to data in Cassandra by leveraging Kettle’s visual interface for creating data extract, transformation and load (ETL) processes, and include Cassandra data in reporting, visualizations or more interactive analysis. Ultimately, this means that Pentaho users are a step closer to having one tool to examine and analyze their data sources from relational and traditional warehouses to newer repositories such as  NoSQL.

If you want to learn more about the new capabilities or try them out, product downloads, how-to videos and documents are available from Pentaho and DataStax. There will also be a webinar on March 15 about using Cassandra’s integration with Pentaho Kettle.

What This Means

As the big data market continues evolves from being a bleeding-edge technology experiment only capitalized on by either the largest or most innovative companies, we will see more partnerships like this one. Organizations will demand end-to-end solutions instead of point technology solutions that must independently integrate. Pentaho seems to be slightly ahead of the curve in terms of delivering a solution for this sure-to-be-emerging demand.