Open source business intelligence provider, Pentaho, has announced a new version of its ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) platform Kettle. Pentaho has updated Kettle with features to support big data and moved the project to Apache.

A Kettle Full of Big Data

Big data is all the rage. Companies are hoarding data in hopes of discovering some well-hidden insight that will boost their competitiveness. Although big data generates interest from almost everyone, not everyone can use the tools. Big data tools are notoriously complex, which discourages many organizations from even attempting to analyze the ever growing, non-structured data stores. Pentaho hopes to change that. 

Pentaho has designed its tools to make big data accessible to users without the deep knowledge that’s often required to get even the simplest of answers from big data technologies. The latest release of Pentaho’s data integration platform, Kettle 4.3, allows users to input, output, manipulate and analyze data using almost any distribution of NoSQL powerhouse Hadoop. Kettle 4.3 also includes support for several popular NoSQL repositories like Cassandra, Hadoop, Hadapt, HBase, Hiv, HPCC and MongoDB. 

In addition to better support for big data, Pentaho has moved Kettle under Apache 2.0. A community version of Kettle has always been available, but the move to Apache puts Kettle under the same licensing umbrella already used for popular big data tools like Hadoop. This move makes the licensing a little less complex for organizations considering an open source approach to big data. This is a smart move given all the confusion around Kettle in the market.

Getting More Information

Downloads, how-to documents and informational videos about Kettle are available from Pentaho. Pentaho is also conducting a free webinar, which will include a live demo of Kettle on February 9. If you happen to be attending the 2012 Strata conference, Pentaho is providing free hands-on training on February 28 during the Tuesday Tutorials sessions.