Information Management, Pivotal Fills the Big Data Productivity Gap ... They've Only Just Begun
Ladies and gentlemen, write this date down because the show is about to begin. Almost exactly six months after Pivotal officially began operations, the EMC and VMWare spin-off headed by Paul Maritz is unveiling its first set of Pivotal-built products.

Though their “packaging” offers a similar pitch to many other leading edge vendors who have big data plays -- “Every business is quickly becoming a software business.Software is how companies engage with customers, powered by new data insights and new devices” -- they bring something extraordinary, powerful and unique to the marketplace. Companies can now leverage more data, in real time, more easily to gain competitive advantage.

They are accomplishing this via two new offerings: Pivotal Data Dispatch (PDD) which offers on demand big data access across and beyond the Enterprise; and Pivotal HD1.1 which brings Pivotal HD together with Pivotal GemFire XDto provide real-time, in memory data services with native Hadoop integration.

The end result, in plain English, is that Pivotal is providing its customers with betterand richer information, at the moment that they need it, so they can make better decisions more quickly. And though this is simple to say, it is no small task. These solutions leverage structured, semi-structured and unstructured datafrom transactions, social, mobile, the Internet of Things … wherever it is stored, in near real time.

Not only that, but It’s also worth adding that it accomplishes this without sacrificing the security, governance and safeguards that IT requires.

Hunches Are Good, Data Is Better

Though the aforementioned phrase belongs to celebrated author Dan Pink and not CMSWire, it epitomizes what PDD plans to bring to Enterprises and data workers -- the ability to gain more accurate insights because it allows more data to be used for analysis, more quickly.

In an era where an unprecedented volume of information is flowing, most enterprises are capturing only 3 percent of what’s available, according to Todd Paoletti, Vice President of Product Marketing at Pivotal. Of that 3 percent, only .5 percent is being analyzed and of that, only .5 percent is being operationalized -- the result being what Pivotal calls a "Big Data Productivity Gap." But the gap isn't the only problem that Enterprises are encountering. There’s a huge gap of time, sometimes as much as six months, from the time a data worker submits a ticket to IT to the time the request is returned.

“You could lose the 'truth' in that time,” says Paoletti. Almost anyone would tend to agree.

What PDD offers is quite remarkable: an environment for data workers that operates somewhat like iTunes. Data workers can go into the PDD interface, search for digital media, bring it into a sandbox, build a playlist and get busy; all of this in real time and without delay. Imagine the impact this might have on business results. Not only that, but the metadata also stands up much like digital rights management, it can not only be copied out, but can also be scheduled to expire.

Pivotal Starts Filling in the Big Data Productivity Gap, PivotalDataOnDemand.jpg

PDD is one way in which Pivotal is providing Enterprises with what they need to make better decisions versus requiring them to rely on hunches based on not enough data.

Learning Opportunities

Filling the Big Data Operational Gap

But analytical insights from PDD are only part of the story. Businesses need to act based on real-time data, in real time, as well. That’s where Pivotal HD/GemFire XD play comes into play. It gives customers the ability to build real-time online transaction processing applications at cloud scale on top of Hadoop.

By doing this, companies can select data from varied sources, pull it in and process queries in real time using inMemory technology, and then act or react accordingly.

It can also cross it with historical data in Hadoop to make predictions on customer behavior.

Pivotal says that companies using HDP 1.1 will be more agile and have a unique competitive advantage because failing to act on data in real time can lead to lost sales, oversupply of inventory and missed windows of opportunity that can threaten the very survival of their businesses.

Start Planning for the Future

If Pivotal’s new/updated solutions deliver what they promise, then their clients should indeed have a unique competitive advantage. And that’s not all: they will likely be in a better position to take advantage of Pivotal’s new platform -- circulating rumors claim it will be delivered in the next month.

Note: PDD will be available for purchase as a stand-alone product in November.It interoperates with any enterprise data warehouse, analytics platform or storage system.Pivotal HD 1.1 with Pivotal GemFire XD is expected to be available in November as well.

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