Following on last week's unstructured data management product launch, Quest has just announced a new business intelligence tool that aims to build a bridge between business analysts who create data, and data consumers that use that data to make decisions.

Quest Toad

So maybe that’s a fancy way of saying Quest has launched a new suite of business intelligence tools that aim to take meaning from data, but it also highlights the huge gap that has emerged between those who are developing data and those that need to use it.

The new tools, which are built around Quest’s Toad suite, aim to provide enterprises with the ability to leapfrog the gap between IT and business users securely and without having to pay out a small fortune for it.

The Toad concept is not new. Toad has been around for a while in the shape of Toad for Oracle, for database administrators for Oracle products, and is available for Microsoft’s SQL Server, IBM’s DB2 and Sybase as well.

Toad Business Intelligence

According to Quest, the new BI Suite is a collection of three separate existing tools from Quest that, combined, will enable organizations to access, integrate, cleanse and distribute data across the enterprise. The three tools consist of:

  • Toad Intelligence Central: This is the hub of the new suite providing a virtual data layer across existing BI and IT architectures. It enables users to share data and offers data views across the two desktop tools: Data Point, Decision Point.
  • Data Point: Connects to traditional data sources like relational database management systems, or data warehouses, along with connections to non-traditional data sources including, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and other cloud data sources.
  • Decision Point: Enables users to combine, explore, analyze and understand data in simple interactive views to speed data analytics without issues with compliance or governance.

The BI Suite also helps technical and non-technical users understand data by offering new interfaces. With it, technical users have all the tools needed to provision and deliver complex data, while non-technical business consumers can access this data through visualizations or existing business intelligence systems.

It also provides automated dataflow processes that enable self-service data integration with agile access to data located in different repositories across the enterprise. By enabling enterprises to connect all data sources and cutting out manual processes, Quest offers the ability to analyze data over longer timeframes that provide more accurate pictures of what’s happening.

Toad Business Intelligence Suite is available now, with North American pricing at US$ 1,295 per named user with a minimum of five seats. If you’re interested in more on this, check out the video below.