SAP delivers efficient processing of massive data sets with real-time insights.

There’s a lot of hype around Big Data; so much so, in fact, that you’d think that it’s about to go mainstream. But that’s not likely to happen until 2020 says Gartner, and by then, it will be an embedded technology versus standalone, which is primarily what we see today.

Raising the Bar 

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise to most of us to learn that it’s youngish companies, whose end-products revolve around information, that are Hadoop’s earliest adopters; they have armies of elite engineers and data scientists constantly pushing the envelope for what can be done.

Other companies in other industries can learn from them and benefit from their feedback and contributions to Open Source projects.

And though enterprises everywhere aim to leverage data assets to the hilt, most recognize they need to do so without negatively impacting their customers and other stakeholders as they move through the stages of Big Data adoption.

SAP understands this and, as a result, they’re caring for their customers in a very special way. They are offering them the speed of their new cutting edge in-memory database, SAP HANA; the benefits that can be reaped from Hadoop via partnerships and integrations with Hadoop vendors and hardware providers; and a bundle of Hadoop integrated Big Data tools that will give them the analytics and information they need to win.

As a result, SAP’s customers will now have the opportunity to leapfrog their competitors without trashing systems and relationships that serve them well. Not only that, but chaos, confusion and the unwarranted costs of transformation will be cut to a minimum.

SAP’s Powerful but Kinder, Gentler Go-to-Market Strategy for Big Data

At O’Reilly’s Strata and Hadoop World Conference, SAP today announced integration of Apache Hadoop into real-time data warehousing environments with a new “Big Data” bundle and go-to-market strategy with Cloudera, Hitachi Data Systems, Hortonworks, HP and IBM.

Based on its SAP HANA platform it combines and leverages SAP Sybase IQ server, SAP Data Integrator software and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions and provides a comprehensive data warehousing solution for real-time insights across massive data sets from various sources.

As a result, SAP customers get the speed, scale, flexibility and affordability needed to fully tap the potential of “Big Data,” without the huge headaches.