Enterprise search services provider Search Technologies is releasing two new data connectors for Lotus Notes and Atlassian Confluence. Data connectors extract content from enterprise repositories for indexing into the search engine.


According to Search Technologies, the new connectors will enable users of Notes and Confluence repositories to have better access to unstructured content stored there. In addition, users will have enhanced ability to extract and search unstructured content in these repositories -- as well as be able to authenticate document-level security, analyze metadata and optimize general performance.

Search Technologies also offers consulting services along with its data connectors to allow users to create an application-independent data connectivity layer that filters unstructured content from Lotus and Confluence repositories to tools such as Hadoop and SharePoint.

Structuring the Unstructured

A recent CMSWire guest column by Search Technologies President/CEO Kamran Khan offers some insight into how his company views the burgeoning interest in using enterprise search functionality to help process unstructured Big Data. “Unstructured content is largely created by humans: inconsistent, emotional, careless, opinionated, lazy, driven, over-worked, always unique, humans,” stated Khan. “Appreciating this difference in the origins of the data that we seek to analyze is the first step to producing actionable insight and business advantage.”

Khan went on to say that “adding structure to unstructured data is the foundation of gaining insight” and it is the “hands-on application of processes, pragmatism and checksums that produce the most value from unstructured data.” This need for transparent technology and human-powered process thus drives the interest in enterprise search as a tool to help crunch Big Data. 

Salesforce.com Buys Out Major Search Technologies Competitor

Search Technologies may also feel bolstered by last month’s acquisition of French data extraction provider EntropySoft, probably the biggest player in the data connector space, by Salesforce.com. The EntropySoft website, which was briefly down following the January 2013 acquisition, now simply states the purchase has been made and directs visitors to the Salesforce.com site.

As described by Red Herring, EntropySoft’s flagship Connector Hub tool “allows customers to work on documents stored in dozens of different content management repositories such as Microsoft’s SharePoint. It provides content connectors that convert the native APIs of content applications into a standard interface so that data from a variety of depositories can be seen on a single view.”

Salesforce.com has not commented on the acquisition or what it plans to do with EntropySoft’s data connector technology, Red Herring makes the natural speculation that Salesforce.com will somehow integrate it with Chatterbox, leaving EntropySoft out of the market as a standalone tool. That’s a big space to fill, and Search Technologies appears ready to do its best to step in.

Image courtesy of Nomad_Soul (Shutterstock)