Validating market predictions that SharePoint would be one of the big e-Discovery stories of 2011, Sherpa Software (news, site) has enhanced its Discovery Attender, with version 3.7 now adding SharePoint support, as well as other features.  

Climbing the e-Discovery Mountain

Sherpa doesn't believe in rushing out its releases; it only announced Discovery Attender 3.5 in 2009. And it's also not the first e-Discovery vendor to support SharePoint; vendors such as StoredIQ and Kazeon beat it to the punch. 

That said, obviously Discovery Attender users were going to be eager for SharePoint support. 

Carrying a Heavy Load

Okay, enough with the plays on words of the company name. Here's what the new software has. The new capabilities basically let users search files on SharePoint Server using standard Discovery Attender criteria. New features include:

  • SharePoint File Searching -- Introduces the ability to search, filter and collect files stored on Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 Online Archive Support -- Lets users take advantage of Exchange 2010 functionality, offering improved access to online archives, CAS servers and recovery folders.
  • Compare Searches -- Lets companies avoid redundant processing by identifying and excluding items that were previously produced.
  • Custodian Management -- Users can now associate custodian details with Discovery Attender 3.7 data stores, helping identify, manage, export and report based on the person from whom the data was collected.

Other new features include the ability to rerun a search based on specified tasks; support for native NSF processing, which means users can search Lotus Notes mail files without having convert NSF files to a PST format; MSG file searching and enhanced keyword searching to include branch expression reporting and proximity improvement while expanding the collection of metadata fields.