eDiscovery Management for SharePoint from Kazeon

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Kazeon Adds eDiscovery Management for Sharepoint
Kazeon (news, site), provider of eDiscovery software, is now offering integration with Microsoft SharePoint. As a part of its fourth generation eDiscovery software, Kazeon's eDiscovery Sharepoint Manager lets Kazeon's resources, including data analysis and review, and concept search be shared across platforms and even into content repositories.

With a well-stocked box of tools, Kazeon comes ready to share its collection & culling, legal hold management, analysis and review capabilities, as well astheir data analysis, verification and auditing resources.

eDiscovery for SharePoint

Integration with SharePoint will provide eDiscovery capabilities to what is becoming the most used tool in enterprises today.

What will Kazeon provide SharePoint?

  • SharePoint will be both a source and a target for forensic data collection
  • Data verification, data auditing and exception-reporting of SharePoint site contents
  • Legal hold management, workflow and enforcement for SharePoint data and metadata
  • Fine-grained analytics, search and visualization of SharePoint data by different metadata attributes, custodian/users, date ranges and content,

SharePoint data searches will be easier too, with Kazeon's dynamic concept search that will help uncover and extract concepts of relevant words and phrases that are in the SharePoint repository.

Adding Functionality, Decreasing Costs

Integrating with SharePoint comes as an add-on to Kazeon's core product. Users can expect lots from Kazeon's eDiscovery SharePoint Manager. From fine-grained analytics and data mining, which can help firms manage critical documents for litigation to a scalable and customizable eDiscovery platform, customers will benefit from a more efficient and productive workflow without increasing costs.

Learning Opportunities

A Sign of Things to Come

The move to integrate with SharePoint is strategic, of course. As SharePoint becomes the prevalent and necessary platform for the enterprise, Kazeon's eDiscovery software will find new and appreciative users.

Still, this is just one of the many features coming to Kazeon. Karthik Kannan, vice president of marketing and business development for Kazeon says that upcoming additions will feature eDiscovery managers and multimedia enhancements. Ultimately, more integration tends to breed more collaboration and innovation. 

To learn more about the Kazeon eDiscovery SharePoint Manager, visit www.kazeon.com.

eDiscovery Vendors Growing

Kazeon isn't the only eDiscovery solution for SharePoint. Here's a look at a couple of other options to be aware of:

  • Open Text: Open Text CLM Services for SharePoint and Case Management Framework
  • Autonomy's ControlPoint: Real-time, policy-driven control over SharePoint content, allowing organizations to comply with corporate, legal and regulatory standards, and assist enterprises with maintaining eDiscovery requirements
  • Enterprise Informatics: A governance and information management solution for SharePoint called eB for SharePoint
  • Digital Reef:Out-of-the-box capabilities to support eDiscovery, compliance, Office SharePoint Server 2007 management, data security and storage initiatives.