SMBs are doing their part to push the cloud computing trend as they adopt the sky-high services at rates twice as fast as larger corporations. And while all that eagerness is promising for the market, these businesses would do well to take a step back and examine what it is they really need before investing in the wrong tool. 

It's no surprise that the smaller guys are quicker to adopt. In addition to being less risk-averse, SBMs stand to gain more from cloud computing: the potential to establish themselves, to grow and evolve without a complex infrastructure makes the top of the list. 

Moreover, cloud computing lets businesses pay only for what they need. These days service fees expand and contract to align with a company's headcount and requirements for several applications, including e-mail, customer relationship management and sales force automation.  

Beware the Rain Storm

Because the potential is so great, so is the number of solutions available. As always, some are better than others, and the fattest cats are getting all huffy about it. 

“We need to beware of the false cloud,” preached's CEO March Benioff at this year's Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. “Because the false cloud, ladies and gentlemen, is not efficient! It is not democratic! It is not economical! It is not environmental! It is not the future."

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, agrees. Kinda. “Famous quote — I’m not sure where I’ve heard it – beware of false Clouds. That is such good advice. I couldn’t have put it better myself,” he said during his Oracle Open World keynote, just before bashing Salesforce's cloud for using APEX and an unsecure multitenant-model. 

As the battle trickles down to the SMB market, it's notably less exciting, but still important. 

Getting the Best from Cloud Computing

Even though we're kids in a candy store and throwing everything into one basket for the biggest sugar high of all time sounds like a sweet deal, coming down from that cloud (ha) won't be pretty. Take the time to browse the isles while you're shopping for these solutions. 

Glowhost put together a nice infographic that summarizes some of ReadWriteWeb's key points on the topic. 

The checklist includes:

  • Security
  • Proven Track Record
  • Virtual Dedicated Server
  • Data Redundancy
  • Multiple Domans and Databases

 Check them out in detail:


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