Software AG Buys Up JackBe for Data Visualizations
Business process management vendor Software AG has announced a real time analytics and data visualization tool it created with the help of recently acquired JackBe, makers of the Presto enterprise mashup system.

Real Time Analytics + Mashups from JackBe

Software AG's webMethods, an application integration and BPM product, has now integrated the JackBe analytics portfolio, and the combined effort is meant to provide the kind of real time analytics enterprises use when working with large data sets.

JackBe's Presto enterprise mashup system combines data from multiple sources for data visualizations, and even allows for users to act on that data by connecting them back to the original sources. That mashed up data can then be used to build new apps or dashboards, and Presto was often used particularly with Microsoft SharePoint systems.

Now, webMethods will be able to take advantage of the Presto technology, and share it with its much larger customer base. The redesigned webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform is planned to go live sometime in Q4 2013, while the standalone Presto is available right away.

webMethods Integrates JackBe for 360 Degree Customer View

In order for customers to get the most out of their relationships with organizations, those organizations have to have their own processes in order. They can't serve customers properly if their stumbling around inside their own systems. By putting more emphasis on those processes, the ultimate goal of creating better customer experiences can be realized.

One way to make sense of those processes is to offer a view of them via data visualization, and that's where the JackBe buy will help Software AG. JackBe is but the latest in a long line of small acquisitions by Software AG as it adds to its suite of mostly integration and BPM offerings.