Software Companies Find Lucene/Solr based LucidWorks Attractive #eurocon

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Open source adoption is rising in the enterprise. However, lack of commercialsupport and enterprise capabilities like monitoring still holds back some ITorganizations. Companies like Lucid Imagination offer a middle ground, and itseems to be working.

Lucene/Solr Plus Some Extra Goodness

Lucid Imagination offers consulting, professional services and its ownenhanced distribution of Apache’s Lucene/Solr, LucidWorks. We recently reportedon the latest release of the platform, which focused on adding features thatmake adopting open source search more attractive to risk averse enterprisetechnology teams. New features like cloud support, improved security andstandardized monitoring interfaces must have been the just the right move.

Feedback from adopters has been overwhelmingly positive. Several softwaredevelopment companies like:

  • DdadIT (Jordan)
  • SHI (Germany)
  • Springsense (Australia)
  • Uchida Spectrum (Japan)

have already began using the platform to create search applications on behalfof their clients. Because LucidWorks 2.0 is open source, these companies areintegrating and extending the software to provide even more features to solveorganizational content accessibility challenges.

Uchida Spectrum is building a search-based application called SMART/InSightG2 Open leveraging the latest LucidWorks release. It enables users to betteranalyze product quality and business trends by providing a more holistic view ofinformation. SMART/InSight G2 Open allows users to more easily access a diverseset of unstructured and structured data sources and view them in context withtheir other results. The solution will be available in Q4, 2011.

Learning Opportunities

SHI isleveraging the new Open Connector Framework introduced in LucidWorks 2.0 tocreate connectors that allow integration of LucidWorks 2.0 with MicrosoftExchange and IBM Lotus Notes and CMIS-enabled content management systems such asAlfresco ECM and Nuxeo. The Exchange connector will be available by the end of2011 and Lotus Notes/CMIS connectors in early 2012.

DdadIT is incorporating an Arabic Linguistic Package into LucidWorks thatprovides advanced Arabic morphological support, which enables relating differentinflected Arabic words into one concept. This allows documents in Arabic to beindexed and searched with greater ease. This integration should be available bythe end of November 2011.

SpringSense is using LucidWorks 2.0 to deliverenterprises meaning-based search, which allows users to search by meaning ratherthan just keywords and phrases. For example, "conflict over the price of gas"and "battle over the cost of fuel" likely have the same meaning and shouldreturn the same results. However, most search tools don’t agree and returndifferent results for each phrase. LucidWorks allowed SpringSense to deliver thesolution at a much lower cost than would have possible with a custom tool or onebased on a commercial search platform. SpringSense is available now to integratewith LucidWorks 2.0

The Future of Open Source Search

Content is continuing to grow rapidly, an organizations are continuing tostruggle with ways to optimize its use. While a variety of techniques may beused, one thing is true, you have to be able to find information for it to havevalue. Economic pressure, the attractiveness of transparency and several mergersin the search space will likely continue to drive organizations to consider opensource platforms as a solution. I’m sure Lucid Imagination finds that pleasing.