Trunity Connect Launches With Social Media, Document Management, Analytics Features
Organizations on the lookout for a content management system with social networking and CRM features might want to look into Trunity Connect. The newly-launched enterprise CMS features a secure SaaS package with social networking, document management and analytics capabilities that will come in useful in various industries.

Feature-Rich CMS Running on a Secure Environment

Running an organization's website, customer database and marketing efforts need not be expensive, according to Trunity EVP for strategy and business development Bill Horn. He says Trunity's cloud-based offering is a secure and safe environment where businesses can be part of the conversation with customers, partners and other businesses.

Companies are spending over US$ 11 billion on managing their customer relationships, and they have come to one critical conclusion: Their customers are talking and they need to be part of the conversation. Companies who do not manage the conversation find themselves reacting to reputation-killing rumors, often too late to have any measurable impact."

Trunity runs its SaaS platform on U.S.-based datacenters. The service offers several benefits to both business owner's internal and external clientele.

  • Information Management -- Trunity Connect lets users share content in various formats such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, audio files and videos (including DOC, PDF, JPG, XLS and MPG formats). These can be used for a variety of purposes, from sharing documentation manuals to training videos, marketing material, and the like.
  • Social Networking -- Trunity Connect interfaces with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The service also has an internal social networking system through which users can share feeds, surveys, reviews, forms and the like.
  • Analytics -- Trunity Connect's system provides reporting and analytics tools that will help managers gauge the effectiveness of their content strategy. These tools will help determine user behavior and preferences, so that the organization can tweak its content and presentation accordingly.
  • Accessibility and Mobile Support -- Trunity promises 24/7 uptime, which it hopes will help companies offer support to customers through the social network and therefore reduce the need to employ full-time customer support personnel. Truity Connect supports access from popular mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, the iPhone and iPad.
  • Security -- Trunity Connect promises reliable operations, which is secured with 128-bit encryption, regular and backup and storage redundancies. Organizations using Trunity Connect will also have control over privacy and security settings.

A Variety of Applications

The Trunity Connect cloud-based enterprise CMS can be used in a wide variety of applications. The company offers solutions for various industries, including finance, pharmaceutical, security, retail and education. Trunity Learn is targeted at the education market, with a mobile-enabled virtual classroom where educators and students can exchange knowledge in an online social context. Meanwhile, Trunity Knowledge involves crowdsourcing of information and intelligence. The same benefits can be derived from businesses running their online presence with Trunity Connect.