Watchdox Ensures Secure Document Sharing Within Your Private Cloud With Virtual Appliance

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Watchdox Ensures Secure Document Sharing Within Your Private Cloud With Virtual Appliance
Cloud computing comes with one major concern common among organizations: Security. Whether you're running a private or public cloud, your data and documents are constantly being retrieved and transmitted, and you might worry about potential data leaks. Watchdox (news, site) has a new tool for securing documents for cloud and mobile access, and its latest service is a dedicated server infrastructure for on-premise storage and security.

Watchdox essentially provides document control and tracking, promising end-to-end protection of documents. Through Watchdox, organizations can maintain an audit trail on their documents, including views, forwards, edits and printing. Watchdox also protects documents in a mobile setting, with applications designed for smartphones and tablets. Watchdox' apps for the iPhone and iPad (Android and Blackberry versions coming soon) help ensure that employees are productive by being able to bring their work on-the-go, but without compromising security.

Security Appliance for On-Premise Data Handling

Watchdox' latest product offering is essentially a virtual appliance that sits in a corporate datacenter. Watchdox has been working closely with channel partners for the deployment of a dedicated server infrastructure that runs these security measures from within the private cloud. This addresses the needs of companies that want better control over their cloud deployments by running them on-premise.

Watchdox will customize the security appliance to fit client needs. For instance, the app supports a variety of REST-based APIs, which enables the document tracking and control software to interface with existing cloud-based apps, such as collaborative software, CRM and social networks. Clients would have to specifically ask for this functionality, and Watchdox will tailor-fit their virtual appliance depending on the existing cloud infrastructure.

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Pricier Than the Individual Plan; Will Anyone Bite?

Individual Watchdox plans start at $50 per month for one user, with 200 MB of storage. This might be a good price for startups and small organizations. However, for enterprises that need to scale, Watchdox' virtual appliance costs $30,000 per year for 500 users.

Watchdox is targeting clients in the financial, regulatory and public sector fields. The Watchdox virtual appliance is deployed as an on-premise solution that the company will customize to fit the needs of an organization. Document security is a must in your private cloud setup to ensure data is not leaked through unauthorized access or distribution. While the Watchdox virtual appliance might be a bit costly, this would be a worthwhile investment if you are protecting valuable information or digital assets.