If You Don't Want your Data Leaked via Mobile Access, Check Out This Solution

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The last time we spoke about Watchdox, we told you about the many ways that you can track and control your documents when sharing. This week, Confidela, the maker of WatchDox unveiled a new iPhone and iPad application developed to ensure safe document sharing on potentially insecure mobile platforms.

Be Productive & Secure

Despite the convenience of tablets and smartphones, the reality is that we never really know how secure our information is. Considering how much information we voluntarily share, from DropBoxes to Facebook accounts, we shouldn’t risk leaking sensitive information in exchange for convenience.

In addition, as more companies begin to adapt and adopt smart technologies, they look for reassurance that although mobile devices can make employees more productive, it’s not at the expense of security. WatchDox’s application lets businesses set individualized protection parameters for user access, displaying documents on a secure viewer.


The WatchDox app lets you access WatchDox-secured documents on your mobile device.

The app extends all WatchDox features to iPads and iPhones, including user authentication, restrictions on copying, printing and forwarding documents, user-specific watermarks and advanced tracking.

Learning Opportunities

Document Security Tops Concerns

Thanks to feedback provided in a recent survey of C-level executives, Watchdox better understood the challenges facing document sharing in the enterprise. More than 500 IT professionals and C-level executives indicated that though document security is a top issue of concern for organizations, the actions employed to protect and share documents are mostly flawed or incomplete.

Looking closer, the study revealed that sixty-five percent of organizations share sensitive data with more than 50 percent doing so on a regular basis. Additionally, one in three admitted to having at least one incident when data had leaked while about one in four does not know of any links, or is unwilling to say. Though a majority of information leaks (85%) are not from malicious intent, it makes data security even that much more important.

The upcoming holidays are bound to deliver gifts of tablet devices of all shapes and sizes, it’s inevitable that they’ll end being used in the workforce, making security the gift that keeps on giving!