Movable Type 4.0
Jesse Gardner of PlasticMind Design (and a serious MT fan) has just put out a punch list detailing why, in his plastic mind, Movable Type 4.0 trumps WordPress 2.3 when it comes to features, the pleasure of ownership and the pains of maintenance.In a briefly summarized format, here's the top five we think matter most: # WP 2.3’s new features have been "out of the box" features for MT for a while. # MT 4's feature set requires "tons" of WordPress plugins to reach feature parity. Jesse claims WP requires the following add-ons, among others: Advanced Tag Entry, Backup WordPress, Better Comments Manager, Bluetrait Event Viewer, Excerpt Editor, Front Page Excluded Categories, Get Recent Comments, Inline PHP, No Self-Ping, Order Posts, Organizer, Recent Posts, Search Everything, Subscribe To Comments, Tag Functions, Text Control, Ultimate Tag Warrior, Widgets, WordPress Dashboard Editor, WP Calendar, WP-Cache, WP-MU, WP-Vault. # MT 4’s new dashboard kicks butt on WP and already has better plugins, including ones that tap into Google Analytics, FeedBurner or your own custom stats data. # MT 4 (and older versions) allow you to run all your blogs in one install. Unlike WP-MU, it doesn’t take a separate version of the system to run many blogs. Maintenance sweet maintenance. MT4 leads WP in this regard. # MT 4's asset manager is built-into the core and integrates with native tagging functionality. For the full list plus comments see Jesse's post. If you like the the idea of side-by-side comparisons, check out our MT 4 vs. ExpressionEngine 1.6 showdown.