Blogs… social networks… RSS readers… syndication … the tools of social media are creating powerful new business opportunities, but to take advantage, technologists, professionals and investors need to understand this new, fast-emerging technology and the unique language it uses. There are more than 3 million documented blog sites, up from 100,000 a year ago, and the number is increasing by over 10,000 new blogs a day. Social media – blog’s companion technology —is even bigger. Some say these two joined-at-the-hip technologies threaten to disrupt traditional publishing, even as they promise opportunities not yet fully realized. BlogOn is the first conference to examine in-depth the business of social media. It is not just for the professional blogger, but for forward-thinking investors, smart marketing executives and media company professionals who understand it is time to understand and harness this gathering disruptive phenomenon. BlogOn is for executives who want to see a sharper Big Picture for social media and to identify their options and opportunities. Learn more.