Fast Search for MT Gets Faster, Flashier

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MT Hacks - Fast Search for MT
You Movable Typers out there, we know you love your platform but sometimes the standard search that comes out of the box with MT leaves you a touch wanting, especially when your site is under load. That's where the just upgraded and aptly named Fast Search plugin comes in. If you run an MT site and don't know about this, you definitely should.The PHP (as opposed to Perl) based Fast Search is a plugin for the popular Movable Type blogging platform from Six Apart. Fast Search uses Movable Type's dynamic PHP-based publishing system to display search results. Importantly though, MT publishers using static content publishing (like CMSWire does) can continue to use static publishing for all of their index pages, posts, and archives.The latest -- and most appropriately labeled -- version 2.0 has several new features, bringing it up to date in the world of Web 2.0 Tagging:* Tag Search. Fast Search now supports Tag Search (MT3.3+). Also known as a tag listing, Tag Search displays a list of entries with a specific tag. If you list tags in your entries, they are probably linked to a Tag Search. Fast Search v2.0 does the same thing, only faster.* Better Relevance Ranking. Full-text searches now provide much better relevance ranking.* Easier System-wide Searching. Now it is even easier to to search all blogs in a single search.* Default Boolean AND Searching. This is a small change for Full-text searches. Previously, if you searched for 'red books' (without quotes), the search results would include any entry containing 'red' or 'books'. In version 2.0, only entries with both 'red' and 'books' will be included in the search results. This makes things more consistent with other search engines like Google.* Fast Search Widget. A new Fast Search Widget makes it easy to add a Fast Search form to your sidebar.* Clean Tag Search Urls. With Fast Search 2.0, it is possible to use nice looking tag search URLs such as: http://my.site.com/tag/cms* New MT Template Tags. Several new template tags make it easier to customize your search results. Fast Search now supports all of the template tags used in the default MT 3.3 search results template -- this means it is even easier to switch to Fast SearchFast Search v2.0 is a commercial extension to the Movable Type publishing platform. It is free for non-profit bloggers, but for us capitalists it is a bit more:* Commercial use - (up to 5 blogs) - US$ 97* Blog Network License - (more than 5 blogs) - US$ 249Version 2.0 requires that you are running MT v3.2+ and MySQL. You MT enthusiasts can download the software and get more instructions, example text and more from the popular MT Hacks website.