During the week of July 12-16 influencial PR, marketing, and business bloggers are gathering, uh ....in a blog. Yes, its the first (?) virtual blogging conference, and they have an agenda. In true blogging style, you can sign yourself up, as a participant, on the event page, of the Wiki. Wow. Leading this event is Australian Trevor Cook and Romanian Constantin Basturea, who, along with 26 other PR bloggers and marketing practitioners, will assemble remotely across the globe to discuss many facets of blogging and communications. The purpose of the event is to teach businesses about the interactive communications value of blogging and to discuss a wide variety of topics related to the confluence of public relations and technology. The event will look also into the impact of participatory journalism and personal publishing on the PR practice. "We want to showcase blogging to help our colleagues and clients understand the value of blogging as a fast, low cost and highly-effective publishing, marketing and content management tool," said Cook, director of the Sydney-based public relations firm Jackson Wells Morris. "With top blogs reaching millions of people daily, and directly influencing journalists and decision-makers, thousands of whom also blog, it is time for blogging to be taken seriously in the marketing mix." A blog is an Internet publishing tool that allows users with no technical or programming skills to write about a topic and publish to the World Wide Web inexpensively, instantly, and easily. Most current estimates find 3 million blogs amongst an online community of 729.2 million global Internet users, according to Global Reach. Top blogs have readership in the millions, and many have begun to attract mainstream advertisers. Global PR Blog Week was announced and formulated on The New PR Wiki, a collaboration space for professionals interested in the practice of public relations, hosted at http://www.thenewpr.com. Read the event program.