What better a way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than to create a list of ways to use a piece of software -- 48 ways to be exact. The author, Raj Dash. The software, the famously popular WordPress -- more than a Blogging platform according to Dash. According to Dash it’s WordPress customization capabilities that enable the blogging platform to morph into so many different solutions. For example, the ability to create custom themes, custom fields and custom code for custom fields and custom/widely available plugins all allow WordPress to be so many things to so many people. He does say that WordPress is best suited for small business or low-volume uses as a content management system. So when reviewing the list keep that in mind. Dash breaks his list down in to several categories including: * Basic Uses * Website/WebServices Clones and Alternatives * Prologue Theme/Plugin Package * Custom Sites * Other In going through the list of 48, there are a lot of existing examples of where a specific use has already been done – which is good to see it’s not all pie in the sky. Mind you, many of the suggestions can also be applied to many other blogging platforms or CMS Systems, so saying they are “unique” might be stretching it a bit. A couple of examples that caught our eye were twists on some popular sites today and just some plain cool ideas: * A Geocoded newsite – new stories are represented as icons on a Google MyMap. Click an icon and the news story pops up. * A network hub/feed aggregator – Using the RSS Feed Importer plugin * Twitter Clone – Using the Prologue Theme/Plugin Have read through the article to review the entire list of 48 Unique Ways to Use WordPress. Anything there catch your eye? Have you ever tried one of these and found success or failure?