Movable Type Open Source 4.1 Stable is Out There

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Movable Type 4.1 Open Source Stable
It's official, Moveable Type Open Source (MTOS) 4.1 Stable has been released to the market.We've been keeping you up to date about MTOS since we heard about it in August. In December we gave you an overview of the new open source version. It was just last week that MT4.1 RC1 was released. So the guys and gals over at Six Apart are moving fast.MTOS has all the same capabilities as Movable Type 4.1. Some of the highlights of the 4.1 release include:* User Interface Improvements* A new Asset Management Framework: the ability to design, edit and manage assets * Support for Windows LiveWriter* Improvements to templating: the ability to add new templates sets and apply them to existing pages.* Performance Enhancements: including database and javascript/css file improvements* Content Replication: ability to replicate content across multiple serversRead about these and some other enhancements in our article on MT 4.1.As with any release there are still some issues, some related to upgrading, others carried over from the MT 4.0 version.Now that a stable release has arrived, the movabletype.org site will have a greater focus on open source and community driven activities. You will start to see things like plug-ins, styles, articles and news.A number of changes have been made to the website already including:* A direct link to the MTOS 4.1 zip file* A new download page for MTOS* Updates to the What's New Section* Updates to the MTOS status page* Some new URLsAll in all, probably just another day at the office for these guys. But I bet they are celebrating none the less. As you download and start to use the open source version, pop back and give us your thoughts on it. Until then, happy downloading!