Silverstripe Web Content Management
We've all worked for one of these gray, stultifying corporate monstrosities. You know the ones with caffeine-comatose zombies in suits roaming the corridors, and a place in the lobby where you check in your soul on the way in, and collect it again at 5pm. Yes – they pay well. And yet a great many of us look with just a little bit of envy at smaller startups in interesting and innovative fields - like open source - and kinda wish that we could be in some way involved.If you speak a foreign language fluently, here's a great chance to do something different: the intimate and dynamic team at SilverStripe is looking for translators for the next version of their open source micro CMS product. SilverStripe v2.2 is on the way, and thanks largely to Google Summer of Code programmer Bernat Foj Capell, support for languages other than English will be provided. SilverStripe is looking for people who can translate the product's text modules into a range of languages including Hindi, German, and even Maori. A proportion of the translation work has already been done, and you can check whether your 'other' language(s) are needed here. SilverStripe is run by a small, eighteen-strong team out of New Zealand, and has been in business since 2001. The SilverStripe product is a website building and maintenance tool for the non-techie, "What's a Dreamweaver ?" crowd. Think WordPress or MovableType. SilverStripe has been touted as being simple to use, yet scalable to large enterprise-scale web projects and intranets. With XHTML support and an AJAX enabled interface, it ticks all the right boxes as far as usability and customizability are concerned. But there are requirements on the server side of things which belie this ''CMS for five year olds” rhetoric: SilverStripe "will probably" run on IIS, but there is no overt support (Apache and lighttpd are supported). Also, MySQL is the only database engine supported (support for MS SQL, SQLite and PostSQL are in the pipeline). I'm picking hairs, however as a non-techie setting up a SilverStripe can just give their hosting guy a call and ask them to check out requirements. Bernat Foj Capell, the boy wonder who set up the translation system for SilverStripe, is a fourth-year Computer Engineering student at the Technical University of Catalonia. The Google Summer of Code is a mentoring project which pays top class students to go to work for a while with an open-source project, and SilverStripe caught Capell's eye. I briefly got to speak to him, but he refused to offer any comments on his recent achievments, instead merely chanting the following over and over again while waving a Barca scarf:* "Raul, Raul, Raul, maricooon, maricoon, oh maricoo o o on!!" *No, not really.