Six Apart Pushes BlogIt to the iPhone

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Blogit for the iPhone
Micro-blogging is getting a bit of a lift today as Six Apart announces a new application – well, new to the iPhone at least. Six Apart’s BlogIt application for Facebook is now available for the Apple iPhone. Is this just the beginning of a long line of applications that will propel us forever into the world of twitter-dom?

BlogIt for Facebook

Six Apart released BlogIt for Facebook in April. It’s a web application that enables a user to update their status in all their social networking applications by entering once in BlogIt. Once you install the application in your Facebook account, you can then select a number of other external social networking services to connect to your BlogIt app. Update your status in BlogIt and have it automatically synced up across all your connected apps.According to Dave Recordon of Six Apart, over 10,000 people have tried out the Facebook application with a few hundred actively using it every day.A common request from these users was to have access to the BlogIt application outside Facebook. And so BlogIt for the iPhone was born.

BlogIt for iPhone

Starting today, iPhone users can go to Six Apart’s web site and download the BlogIt application. They will be able to post a blog entry and alert their friends around the world (or in the next cubicle) on their status. The BlogIt application supports a dozen different services. Once you install it on your iPhone, you can auto-import your Facebook account information – if you have already set BlogIt up there. Or you can add your other accounts directly.Keep in mind that BlogIt is a micro-blogging tool – similar to Twitter. In fact Twitter, along with Vox, TypePad, MT and FriendFeed are some of the applications you can connect to BlogIt. It is basically a status update application and not a full fledged blogging app. For example, it doesn’t support tagging or categories.

Why the iPhone?

Six Apart has already built a number of applications for other mobile devices. So we wondered why they wouldn’t continue developing for these devives.We asked Dave Recordon why Six Apart chose the iPhone for this application. He indicated that the iPhone is the best of breed of mobile devices today. With functionality like auto-complete, spell checking and character countdown that they could leverage, and the iPhone starting to really take hold in the market today, they felt this was the best place for BlogIt.

Coming Soon: TypePad for the iPhone

It does appear that Six Apart is hedging its bets on the iPhone taking over the mobile market. In March, they announced an SDK for TypePad on the iPhone.Pretty soon you can expect to be able to download a native TypePad application for the iPhone with all the options available to you in TypePad in the browser today, including assigning categories and uploading photos. This application will expand the options for mobile blogger by integrating with the iPhone camera, while at the same time providing a simpler posting interface. Six Apart's mantra has always been about looking for ways to interact with other services such as APIs and social networks thus expanding your reach across the web. Building solutions for the iPhone may secure their success if this market really takes off. One does have to wonder though how important it is to have these types of micro-blogging applications on mobile devices. Why is all this "twittering" so popular? And do we really need up to the second news on what our buddies are doing? If you need to be in the know and have an iPhone, you now have a tool at your disposal.

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