Vox Wins Best Web 2.0 Innovation

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Six Apart, the parent company for popular enterprise and casual blogging services like LiveJournal, Vox, TypePad, and Movable Type, recently accepted a Shiny Media award for Best Web 2.0 innovation.Vox is a hosted blogging service that enables users to share moments with friends and family at no cost. It's known in part for its souped-up privacy features, which enable members to enact granular control over who can access their images, stories, groups, videos and audio clips. There are six levels of privacy for all content shared across the Vox network.UK-based Shiny Media, also a blogging network, conveyed the award to Vox at the Shiny Awards 2007 in London. Gadget masters from The Sun, The Guardian, InStyle and Q joined forces with leading UK-based gadget sites like techdigest.tv and shinyshiny.tv to select the best products in 10 categories. Categories included Wag Gadget of the Year, Smartphone of the Year, and Best Web 2.0 Innovation, which Vox won hands-down.Mena Trott, co-founder and President of Six Apart, exclaims, "We're thrilled that Vox was selected as the Best Web 2.0 Innovation. We are glad to see that people appreciate our vision of letting users easily integrate photos, video, and other web services into their blogs."And we're charmed that there now exists awards for who can bring the most to the fully-laden Web 2.0 table, but wonder whether next year will find this an exhausted title. While we doubt the notion of social networking is going anywhere, we're disinclined to look at Web 2.0 as a phenom that won't soon be topped.San Francisco-based Six Apart has purveyed blog software to enterprise and casual communities of users since 2001. It was founded by Ben and Mena Trott and, with continues to make waves in blogging and social media with a global user base and offices in Europe and Japan. Learn more about them at sixapart.com.