Crittercism Launches Fathom, an App Monitoring Platform

Mobile app performance management (APM) company, Crittercism has released the Fathom Mobile Command Center. Designed for enterprise businesses, Fathom brings together some of the company's app performance monitoring tools in a singular platform.

It’s a Mobile, Mobile, Mobile World

Mobile devices are becoming less of a convenience tool and more of a necessity to keep people connected. For businesses these devices, through the BYOD movement and workplace apps, have become a way for employees to not only remain connected to colleagues, but customers and consumers.

With any product, an app can develop problems that can not only hinder its performance, but disrupt productivity and cost a company extra money trying to fix an issue when they sometimes don’t even know what caused it.

Managing an app is an extremely complex process,” said Andrew Levy, co founder and CEO of Crittercism.” With multiple APIs, cloud services, carrier networks, geographies and other fragmentation issues, there are simply too many variables for companies and developers to monitor the performance of their apps in a cost effective way.”

This is where a tool like the Fathom Mobile Command Center comes into play. With the platform, users will be able to better understand what performance problems both B2B and B2C apps are having and how to fix these problems in a real-time.

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Crash Reports

Features of the Fathom Mobile Command Center include:

  • Cloud Services: Through this service, users are able to see how both APIs and third-party tools function alongside the app so that IT departments can better understand any issues that occur.
  • Network Management: Users have access the server side of the app to make sure that all areas are safe and secure.
  • Diagnostic Drilldown: Through a combined effort of network and diagnostic data users are easily able to pinpoint issues by device type, carrier, operating system and network type.
  • Network Breadcrumbs: With this tool, users are able to see ‘end user activity' and diagnostic information on any performance issues the app may have, so that that IT departments can easily trace where a problem came from by recreating a user’s behaviour pattern.
  • Endpoint Analysis: The endpoint analysis feature gives companies the ability to more thoroughly track, through network status and diagnostic data, problematic endpoints by having have a better overall picture of the app’s metrics, such as response codes and request and data volume.

Who are Crittercism?

Founded in 2010, Crittercism is based around the idea that mobile apps should run without any problems through the assistance of good management and monitoring tools, such as crash and error reporting services. Recently, Crittercism partnered with Uservoice to help the customer service software developer with its app monitoring capabilities.