Sneak Peak Into New UserVoice Integration with Crittercism for Mobile App Support

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Customer service software developer UserVoice revealed today a new integration with Crittercism, a platform that helps developers monitor mobile app performance. 

UserVoice first launched their help desk ticketing solution for iOS in November. The system enables mobile app developers to efficiently traffic and respond to customer issues in real time. The new partnership layers mobile device context into this troubleshooting process.

UserVoice CEO and founder Richard White gave me a sneak preview of the upgrade last week. Effective today, the dashboard now includes a Crittercism box -- called the Crittercism Gadget -- that includes information such as the crash history, customer's last login, device, operating system and app version.

This integration helps app developers fend off one of the biggest culprits behind user turnover - app crashes and user support issues. These annoyances affect app ratings and ultimately downloads and revenue. UserVoice for iOS offers a more streamlined process relative to typical mail-link strategies.

White gave me a few examples for where device context is critical during the troubleshooting process.

Quickly Surface Source of Mass Crashes

Let’s say an app developer usually receives about two new help desk tickets per hour. Then, all of the sudden 50 users submit issues all at once.

The integration allows agents to quickly compare the users to see what their devices or usage have in common. Did they all just download the new version of the app? Are they all using the same device? This data is instantly available and searchable with the Crittercism integration.

Implement Proactive Customer Service

The integration also enables more proactive service. Even if a customer didn’t submit a help request, the developer is still notified if the app crashes. The agent could then look to see if the customer logged in after the crash and discover the potential reason for the crash based on their device information.

Learning Opportunities

If the customer didn’t log in, they could proactively reach out to the customer and say something like “I noticed that your app crashed and you haven’t logged back in since. I looked into the issue and think I have a solution. Let me know if you’re still having problems!”

Deflect Nearly 50 Percent of Trouble Tickets

When users start typing their issue into the UserVoice support center, sophisticated algorithms automatically suggest articles.

A screenshot of the feature called “Instant Answers” is shown here to the right.


White said about 47 percent of the time, a user clicks on the article instead of submitting the help ticket. By associating these clicks with a type of device, operating system or app version, developers can more quickly surface persistent issues.

Founded in 2008, San Francisco-based UserVoice provides real-time app diagnostics for more than 250 million unique devices. The company’s investors include Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures and Google Ventures.

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