A recent Microsoft (news, site) update shows Office workers at play on the forthcoming Windows phones.

Want to Work on the Go?

As the race for Enterprise 2.0-capable phones hots up, users want to see how they can work and collaborate. We've seen a few words and pictures appearing from people who've been playing with the forthcoming Windows Phone 7. Even users who have criticized Microsoft's past mobile mistakes seem keen on the device.

But, the best evidence, lacking actual phones to play with, is in the form of video so we can see exactly what's going on. This clip shows the on-screen keyboard, accessing (and locking) shared documents, collaboration and making notes.

Steve Clayton, one of Microsoft's cloud gurus, reckons its all a vast improvement on previous efforts and shows a level of usability unseen in earlier devices.The email video below shows smart Outlook and calendar integration, easy navigation between different categories of message and features like maps, all seamlessly navigated.

The phone range will cover three types of models released by new and current Microsoft phone partners, there will be a large screen touch phone to rival Apple and Android models, for the nimble fingered user, a slide out model with a keyboard at the bottom and, possibly, a budget candybar -- to make the series accessible to all budgets.

But the big sell for enterprise users will be MS Office compatibility, with SharePoint and OneNote. As the video shows, there is no real hopping between applications or jumping through hoops to work on or share information.

Prepare for Launch

We've seen very little about the range of phones since the initial announcement, and with Apple making a  big noise about its enterprise-friendly update on 7 June, it now has to start pumping out some consistent information to build awareness and desire before launch.

If Microsoft can keep juggling the many demands of a slick interface, ease of use, good collaboration and security while maintaining access to enough features for workers to be productive, it could be onto a winner.

But with Apple boosting the iPhone's feature set and BlackBerry preparing a better business experience and with Android rapidly accelerating its feature set, the battle will be fierce.