Bringing Interactive Mobile Video Advertising on Stream

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3ple Media Advertising
Advertising within streaming media is now as easy as one, two, three -- 3ple Media, that is. Mobile Multimedia specialist, 3ple-Media, has enhanced its Mercury mobile multimedia platform to include embedded advertising into mobile video clips and video streams. Using "pioneering functionality", pre-roll, post-roll and in-stream advertising can be inserted into mobile video through a customizable and interactive platform. By linking within advertisements, users can continue to experience mobile multimedia, via mobisites, new video streams or an SMS/MMS push.

The Growth of Internet Video

By integrating mobile video advertising into the wider digital marketing mix while providing immediate metrics to the advertiser, content provider and mobile operator, 3ple Media is capitalizing on one of the fastest-growing online advertising sectors. According to the US Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2007 grossed US$ 324 million in US online video and is expected to rise to US$ 502 million in 2008. In addition, all new mobile phones are now mobile data capable and as a result 1 in 5 people in the US and Western Europe now owns a Smart Phone, according to recent research.

Customization and Distribution of Multimedia

3ple Media's Mercury mobile multimedia platform will work to provide an intuitive interface for mobile multimedia service creation, compilation, advertising management, distribution, tracking and billing. Advertisers can customize their accounts to distribute content and advertising through a variety of mobile data channels such as SMS, MMS, WAP, USSD and video, all of which are included on the modular platform. Multimedia content is automatically formatted and can be dynamically routed according to the capabilities of the receiving device. Using the Mercury DataTrack and ViralTrack modules, the mobile media platform provides: * Real time reporting of content and advertising consumption * A SubProfile database that provides aggregated profiling information based on preferences and behavior* Rich media applications such as SMS2MMS and MyTV, a user generated video content portal

Stimulating the Economy with Innovation

As more people become engaged online and within mobile internet platforms, “The richer and more engaging the user experience, the higher the acquisition and conversion potential for mobile advertising" will become, says StJohn Deakins, CCO of 3ple-Media. Innovation in a time of economic distress can aid the consumption of online video and mobile video in an effort to deliver a more affordable and personal experience. Learn more about 3ple-Media’s Mercury platform at www.3ple-Media.com.