Since Colligo released Colligo Briefcase Enterprise for iPad in December, it has been putting a lot of effort into developing it as more enterprises take iPad on board. In February it introduced Colligo Briefcase Pro, adding extra muscle. Now it has released v2.0 with added functionality.

Colligo, SharePoint

It is this kind of activity that led us at the end of last year to pick out Colligo as one of the third-party SharePoint vendors to watch this year, and with this release, looks like we hit it on the head again.

Colligo iPad Sync.jpg

With v2.0, Briefcase offers new functionality enabling iPad users to create and modify SharePoint content even when the user is offline. However, once the user goes back online, the changes will be synchronized across their existing content.

Clearly, with so many business users on the road using iPads, the ability to sync is going to be really important if, as AIIM pointed out in a report on SharePoint as an enterprise CMS last year, many companies are using SharePoint as their principal enterprise content management system.

Colligo Briefcase for iPad v 2.0

It even deals with issues around conflicting content, with the ability to detect conflicts as well as resolve those conflicts. But there is other new powerful functionality here that is worth noting.

  • Check-in/check-out files in SharePoint
  • Metadata editing, including enterprise managed metadata and keywords
  • Custom and standard list editing
  • Offline content editing with automatic sync when online

iPad Colligo.jpg

Of course this comes on top of existing functionality, making this a really powerful -- and important --app. We won’t go back into this here, but two functions we will mention include:

  • Search: Search synced content for documents and other files and set up favorites for quick access to commonly used folders and files
  • Share: Enables you to email links to documents in SharePoint, helping reduce the need for attachments and promoting the use of SharePoint for document storage and collaboration

Colligo Briefcase Pro 2.0 is available from the Apple App Store. Organizations in the US can also purchase in quantity using Apple’s B2B Volume Purchase Program.