Mobile apps are increasing becoming the delivery method of choice for both consumer- and enterprise-oriented publishers because of the popularity of smartphones and tablets. With this, tools that help develop apps without requiring knowledge of each platform's native programming language will help bring app creation closer to content creators. Conduit (news, site), one such platform, has recently announced the inclusion of iPad app creation and new social features.

Multi-Platform App Creation Now Includes iPad

Conduit Mobile boasts of a 260,000-strong membership and 230 million users of its multi-platform publishing system. The platform enables publishers to create applications on a build-once, publish-anywhere setup. This means content-based applications can be published on the major mobile platforms -- iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone and even Bada.

While Conduit Mobile's iOS support was previously for the iPhone only, the service can now build apps native to the iPad. Aside from the iPad app being created automatically, users can customize styling for the tablet interface, which can take advantage of the iPad's higher resolution and bigger screen.

Social Networking, Other New Features

Apart from iPad support, Conduit Mobile has announced the inclusion of new sharing and promotional buttons. App users have access to quick sharing links so that the content can be promoted in their own social networks through Facebook, Twitter or email. This not only helps promote the content, but also the mobile app, because the forwarded email or message includes a signature linking back to both the original page and the source app.

Conduit Mobile also offers custom download pages for apps, meaning users can have access to the different versions of the app -- including links to the mobile version and app download -- when viewed from a desktop web browser. The latest version also comes with YouTube layouts for arranging and organizing videos within apps, and photo RSS, which enables importing of images from Facebook, Flickr or Picasa albums, among other sources.

Conduit Mobile involves a growing family of mobile and web engagement products, having recently announced its acquisition of Wibiya. The service enables publishers to push content via applications meant both for mobile and desktop browsers. The latest inclusion of native apps for the iPad is only the next logical step for Conduit to take, according to the company's president Adam Boyden.

Our mission is to provide our publishers with engagement tools for every platform on which their users spend time. Tablet usage is growing exponentially. It was only natural that we be able to extend the power of the Conduit Mobile platform to the iPad."

Expect Conduit to include more mobile and tablet platforms and features in the future, as more mobile and tablet platforms such as MeeGo and webOS gain popularity.