In a new blog post, the Firefox team has unveiled its tablet-specific web browser, showing a feature-packed app for the Honeycomb-powered tablets.

For Fiery Tablets

Hot on the heels of the Firefox 6 (and 7) release a new Mozilla blog post has unveiled a version specifically for Android tablets. Evolving the phone version of the browser, it includes the converged 'Awesomebar' and uses the same tabbed menu to allow quick access to bookmarks and history. It can also be synced with your desktop browser to maintain your links. 


Firefox brings better browsing to Android tablets

The tablet version uses the greater screen space to make some features more accessible including tabs in landscape mode and a bigger back button. In portrait mode, things compress a little to enable maximum readability of sites but with intuitive thumb controls, you can still access all your stored bookmarks and so on.

Expect this browser to be a big hit on release, and for it to appear on other tablets in short order. The blog posts explains some of the reasoning behind the design decisions and links to further reading.