Further Apple iPhone 5 Rumors Stoke the Fire, You Can Almost Smell It

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Another batch of Apple (news, site) iPhone snippets suggest that the launch is getting closer and the tech is getting sexier.

Ready For a Fall?

Apple definitely no longer has its own way in the smartphone world. Other devices are thinner, smarter, have better accessories, are more powerful than the current iPhone. They can play games properly and are, by degrees, more open or have better interfaces. Perhaps that's why Apple may be looking to move into the TV business.

Still, the whole mobile world is shaking with excitement at the prospect of the iPhone 5. Can Apple deliver again, or is it now being outgunned by its rivals? The sheer weight of expectation goes some way to explaining why Apple is late with this phone, anything less than staggering and the world will move on, Apple's share price will plummet and the knives will be out.

So, What Could Be New?

Supporting the Fall release date is news that iPhone 5 was delayed to wait for the completion of iOS 5 which was unveiled a couple of weeks back. But those extra months will have given Apple time to tinker with the hardware too. So, we have rumors from Bloomberg of a radical new curved design, an A5 processor (as found in the iPad 2) and an 8-megapixel camera.

Learning Opportunities

Others have listed a larger, possible edge-to-edge display, and other styling tweaks. Apple will need to score well on both the style and power front to stop users drifting away to other brands, and its possible -- whoever thought users would be leaving Facebook by their thousands?

The joys of NFC is another hot topic with Google already on its way into that future world of ubiquitous phone-use and revenue. Apple won't want to be seen to be lagging behind. Although the word from months back was that it was passing on that technology for the iPhone 5, perhaps it will be revisiting the idea.

Finally, there's the crazy idea that the iPhone is actually used by some folks as a telephone. True 4G network support for those in the few places that offer such services would be essential in any upcoming buying decision. Throw all those into a stylish box and do you have something that everyone will want? We'll find out soon enough.

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