iCloud Goes Live, iOS 5 Due Today

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iCloud Goes Live, iOS 5 Due Today
Millions of Apple iPhone users will be pressing refresh at a rate of knots today, as the new version of iOS 5 and its associated cloud services launch ahead of the iPhone 4S release.

3200 Error Issue

UPDATE: If you're one of the many people seeing an 'Internal Error' message or a '3200' error when trying to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5, it is due to stress on Apple's servers. All you can do is either leave it for another time, or keep trying the update.

Here Comes the Future

Come the next iOS update after this one, Apple iPhone updates will install and run themselves, over the air. But, for one last time, users will have to first update iTunes (70MB), back up their device, reboot (probably), download the iOS 5 update (quite large), wait an age for the update to install and then get up and running.

As we wait for Apple to press the button and release iOS 5 -- and rumors reckon that'll be around 10AM Pacific/1PM EST/ 6PM GMT (and already the "Check for Update" button is taking a while to respond -- so expect slow updates, if any, when the time comes) -- for now, you can shorten the job by upgrading your iTunes now. You might also want to back up the contents of your iPhone.

As for the much-anticipated iCloud services, currently you can only gain access to them on OSX Lion machines, but once the update is live, iOS 5-enabled devices and, presumably, Windows PCs will be able to start playing with them.

Learning Opportunities

Into the Cloud

iCloud is Apple's set of free cloud services, for storing music, photos and documents for use with your iPhone or other device. When an item of content changes on one device, all your other devices are updated. There will also be the joys of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, so you can track down lost devices or people.


Music, photos and documents can be now kept off your phone

With some of the cool iOS 5 features being only for the iPhone 4S, like Siri, there is still plenty to get the iOS userbase excited about: Offering better Twitter integration, improved notifications, a magazine rack and many improvements to existing apps.

For those with older models, it at least will install on iPhone 3GS and above, any iPad and fourth-generation iPod Touches. Below that, it's time to upgrade to some new hardware.The new iPhone 4S is out in just a couple of days while Google is getting ready to ramp up the pressure with a new superphone, the Nexus Prime. As for folks planning on a BlackBerry, best not to ask about that right now!

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