The end of 2008 was marked with predictions that desktops may be on the way out and mobile technology will take over. 2009 arrives and we receive the news of an application that allows the iPhone to be used as a web server. That’s correct -- your iPhone can now be used as a mobile web server.

Developed by Freebit, a Japanese company with a foundation in network platforms for many VNO/ISPs, the application being called [email protected] will allow your iPhone to be used as a web server.

How it Works

Upon first starting the application there is a registration process that takes about 5 minutes. After completing the registration, an IPv6 number will be assigned to the phone that a PC or browser can access.

During operation a PC can connect to the iPhone directly, provided they are on the same network. This also works for wireless networks. If they are not on the same network, Freebit’s VPN will handle the connection.

The application allows download and upload access using either a standard browser or the webDAV protocol. It will appear on the internet just like any other server.

iPhone Now a Mobile Web Server

[email protected] Interface

[email protected]?

Some may be put off by the strange name, but according to Freebit, the name is a tribute to the Sony Walkman (Remember the days before mp3 players?) and the company has gone as far as to invite Sony's former CEO Nobuyuki Idei to be a business adviser for Freebit.

Currently, the application is only available from the Japanese app store, but reports claim an English version is set for release in March. Additionally, work for Windows Mobile Devices is in the works.

Will mobile technology oust the desktop? Maybe, maybe not, but the ability to run a mobile web server is a step in the right direction.