Apple and Adobe both strive to be the coveted number one in their respective industries. Continually, the two make strides in an effort assure that happens. Now they are working together to release Flash for the iPhone.

Since March 2008, there has been much debate as to whether or not Flash would come to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple CEO Steve Jobs had made statements that the FlashLite application was lacking while Flash itself bogged down the iPhone too much.

Adobe even made claims that they would develop a Flash Player for the iPhone with or without Apple (but would need their okay to be able to install it on Apple devices).

In October 2008, with no go ahead from Apple, Adobe began developing that Flash Player designed for the iPhone despite some of the intensive technical work involved.

Whether in an effort to show Apple they could do it or an attempt to push Apple into accepting, the two tech giants are now working together to make Flash for the iPhone and iPod touch a reality.

Learning Opportunities

No word has been given for a release date yet, but in an interview with Bloomberg Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen did state that they hope to have Flash installed on over a million shipped devices by the end of the year.

Adobe pushes to keep Flash an industry wide standard with this move to the iPhone. But with no release date, is the news simply going to frustrate users until it is a reality?