Kapow's Mobile Katalyst Creates Successful Mobile Experiences Without API
Last we spoke about Kapow Software, it introduced Kapow Katalyst as the future of data integration. Today, it introduced Kapow Mobile Katalyst, an integration platform that can enable and deploy business applications in a mobile environment. If history repeats itself, we may be looking at the future of mobile engagement.

Mobile Data Integration Made Easy

Just as Kapow Katalyst allows data integration across web applications without APIs or obvious connectors, Kapow Mobile Katalyst repurposes existing applications as mobile applications, leaving the underlying systems untouched. Mobile Katalyst leverages the user interface of applications itencounters, where all the data and business logic is available to beaccessed, extracted, integrated and made available, via mobile-enabled existing apps (MEAPs) orcustom-built front ends, to mobile users.

As you can imagine, by providing easy-to-use tools for existing B2E and B2C business applications so they can be extended to a mobile platform, Kapow aims to make itself vital to mobile development and deployment. You’d be mistaken if you thought this was just another mobile integration platform. Mobile Katalyst can count Audi and Commerzbank among its clients, which have created successful mobile experiences efficiently, affordably and without having to re-write any existing code.


When Audi was developing the Audi A8, it wanted to provide drivers with real-time information about traffic, construction and road updates. But creating custom data feeds was taking longer than expected, so it enlisted Kapow, which was able to provide real-time data feeds  into A8’s Multi Media Interface in-car computer system in one week.

Kapow provided real-time data to the Audi A8 using Katalyst Mobile

Kapow provided real-time data to the Audi A8 using Katalyst Mobile.


In any commercial financial services company, the allure and popularity of mobile banking is breathing down its neck. Commerzbank wasn’t any different. The Fortune Global 300 company had only six months to mobile-enable its desktop consumer banking website. It needed new functions, new screen flows and new APIs. To take the time to reengineer its core banking application would take longer and cost more. Instead, it used Kapow Mobile Edition and launched its mobile app in three months.

Learning Opportunities


Commerzbank's mobile app

A Catalyst for Mobile Engagement

It's a time when companies can no longer ignore mobile and how it can empower users and employees to be more productive, engaged and connected with services, people and brands. While Kapow Mobile Katalyst is surely what enabled Audi and Commerzbank, among others, to create successful mobile experiences, part of their success comes from their clear, succinct and relevant call to actions. As we discussed before, having a mobile presence doesn’t make you inherently engaging -- it’s all about defining transactional goals as clear and necessary as possible.

As well, technology only deploys the solution. The strategy, however must come from companies, which are in tune with both their customers and their capabilities. Thanks to Kampow Mobile Katalyst, meeting everyone’s needs just got a little easier.