Manage eDiscovery and Compliance on the Go With TextGuard

With corporate desktops (hopefully) complying with regulatory eDiscovery requirements, the focus is now moving to mobile devices and TextGuard (site) offers a way to record gadget-based messages and data.

Keeping the Record Straight

Acts like HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (and their global counterparts) have been a godsend for many storage, search and retrieval companies, giving them a great marketing angle. Now, as the market saturates and companies catch up with the law, mobile is the next market to come under their gaze.

“With the increase in eDiscovery and eCommunication monitoring and the interpretation of the recent messaging regulations, corporations in the affected sectors must implement secure message monitoring and archiving solutions,” said Todd Cohan, founder of TextGuard.

TextGuard offers a solution for those who have numbers of mobile or remote staff keeping in touch via their gadgets. TextGuard supports BlackBerry, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile devices, with an iPhone update imminent, and is carrier-agnostic. It stores information from texts, e-mails and call logs, and provides a range of audit controls to ensure that, when the lawyers come calling, your company's data trail is complete.

Keep Tabs on Who Said What to Whom?

Not only can information be archived, but TextGuard keeps employees linked to devices. Messages containing particular content can be flagged for review and ethical filters can be added to ensure that appropriate communications are issued from corporate devices.

For the user, that may all sound a little Big Brother, but with any company open to legal inquiry and threat of lawsuit, the benefits of such a system are obvious. Particularly as staff often feel a little looser-lipped out in the wilds on something they consider "their" device rather than a desktop on company property.

The TextGuard service uses a client program on the device and a server (either SaaS or in-house). It effectively acts as a third-party download tool, with added encryption, to keep data and information safe. Usage and alert reports can be generated and dispatched in various ways to keep admins up to date. It even supports multiple languages and translations. Pricing is tiered, based on the number of gadgets used.

If you think this isn't important, or won't happen to you, take a look at the sad tale of Qualcomm and think of how the possible fines imposed would affect your organization.