Mobile Website Builder Gets Honored with a Webby

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Mobile Website Builder Gets Honored with a Webby
It looks like its going to get crowded out there in mobile web land very soon.

While this might draw a wry smile from those involved in traditional website development, a (very) quick search across the web would indicate that we could well be surfing on a cresting wave that is only starting to grow.

Only this week, mobiSiteGalore (news, site) was selected as Honoree in the Mobile Applications category for the 13th Annual Webby Awards.

Mobile Web Developments

The list of Honorees comes from a list of nearly 10,000 entries submitted to the Awards, with Honorees  picked for “outstanding caliber of work."

And it was probably with good reason that mobiSiteGalore was nominated. Its mobile website builder, enables the owner any web-enabled mobile device – and let’s face it, most of them are now – to build their own website from their mobile.

With four billion devices out there, S. Prashanth, CEO of the company says they areready to take on the PC monopoly on website building.

All posturing aside, there are major changes happening out on themobile web range.

Since last Monday alone:

  • suvvo.com said it was developing a similar product, but that users can already mobilize their websites using the suvvo.com platform.
  • Cablevision Systems Corp announced the launch of a mobile version of Optimum.net, a consumer web portal for Optimum online customers.
  • d-worx Inc., has released a Spring 2009 version of its mobile website access

And mobiSitesGalore, with the recognition of Webby Award Honoree, will promote their vision of a mobile web-builder in every pocket.

Building Tool For Novices

In its current format, users with even a basic internet connection on their mobile phone can visit mobiSiteGalore, sign-up and start building.

Learning Opportunities

While they can also do this from a PC/Laptop, the best view of websites is from a mobile device which will effectively encourage users to go mobile from start to finish.

There is no need for plug-ins here, or software downloads, and mobiSiteGalore provides free website addresses to publish and host the mobile site after it is built.

There are literally dozens of features available with this solution and it would be worth checking them out. Amongst them, though, are:

  • Edit site from mobile, or PC
  • Add feedback form pages, hit counters and images and other rich-media
  • Rollback, back-up and save automatically function
  • Guaranteed compliance with mobile Web standards defined byWWW Consortium
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Guaranteed to be completely free – forever!

This is not the first time that mobiSiteGalore has been in the running for industry awards. Last October, it was Runner-Up in theMost Innovative Enterprise Mobile Internet Application and Mobile Internet World Innovation Awards.

While there are still problems with mobile websites in general with, for example, speed and interface quality, it seems unlikely that mobiSiteGalore is going to stop where it is now. With mobile products coming online every week, we expect to hear a lot more from them in the future.

The 13th Annual Webby Awards will be held on June 10, 2009 at Cipriani Wall Street, NYC