mobiSiteGalore Snags 2008 Innovation Award

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mobiSiteGalore wins 2008 Innovation Award
mobiSiteGalore, a service to enable building Web sites with almost any mobile device, was recently recognized for its awesomeness via 2008 Most Innovative Enterprise Mobile Internet Application and Mobile Internet World Innovation 2008 Awards Runner-up. We know the task of building websites with a mobile phone sounds like it could be expensive, time consuming and difficult, but that’s what’s so cool about mobiSiteGalore. By recognizing that not everyone has an iPhone, or a fancy-shmancy Palmtop, mobiSiteGalore reaches out to all corners of the mobile market.

No Frills. No, Really!

As long as your device has a basic Internet connection (like GPRS or G3), mobiSiteGalore has got you covered. What’s even better is that there’s no software or plug-in that needs to be downloaded either. You simply sign up and start building. Begin by choosing your header, color scheme and textual content, and end by choosing a free (yes, free!) Web URL. Alert your friends of your new mobile Web site via a mass text message and bam: you’re online and you’ve got an audience. It sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Let us then remind you of the mobiSite features we covered in a previous review, just because we enjoy enhancing disbelief:* Customizable forms * Mobile payment components* Add audio and video clip capability* Click-to-call* Auto-redirect to pc websites* Image editorAll that capability for absolutely free and without a single advertisement? No wonder it won an award.

It’s a Mobile, Mobile World

S. Prashanth, CEO of mobiSiteGalore says: “When 3 billion mobile phone users in the world get the power to create mobile Web sites using just their mobile phone, it is just a matter of time before the number of mobile Web sites is going to far exceed the number of PC Web sites. The mobile Web revolution is now all set to unfold and touch the lives of millions of people around the world.”A year ago, a quote like that probably would’ve sounded a tad too heavy, but the re-kindling of our knowledge of mobiSiteGalore’s capabilities comes at an interesting time. Hot on the heels of Google’s Android release, we’re now faced with both the most anticipated internet-friendly phone and a service that builds mobile-friendly sites. It's a match made in heaven! Or maybe not?Talk around the blogosphere already addresses Android’s slow browser, and how tedious it can be to zoom in and out of a completely rendered Web page, when all you want to do is check your mail. Tidbits like this could mean the best or worst for mobiSiteGalore. As the desire for simple mobile Web pages grows, a surge could happen for mobiSiteGalore, or, depending on how Google reacts, their celebrations and recognition could be short-lived. Will Google come out with another ground-breaking advancement and blow everything around it completely out of the water? A lightning-fast mobile browser powered by speech recognition, thereby eliminating the need for touch all together? A mobile phone with artificial intelligence, perhaps?Hell, at this point, nothing seems impossible.