Soonr Allows You to Sync Files from Desktop
When you finally feel like doing something more productive with your iPhone (in between playing the Ocarina, tossing virtual cows and simulating a glasses of beer, we're sure) then be sure to check out Soonr, a new application that allows you to sync files from your desktop to Soonr's online storage and then view them on your phone. Soonr can handle over 40 different file types and provides you with a whopping 500 megabytes of free online storage. 

The Real Fun Begins On Your Desktop

After completing the registration on your mobile, you can begin using Soonr's desktop client (available for Mac and Windows) to choose which files you'd like sync to Soonr's servers. In addition to an overview of how much online storage you've used and the latest status updates, you are also provided with a simple and handy web interface that lets you manage all of the documents in your cloud.

Cool mobile features include: 

  • Remote printing: Yup, really. And there's even an option to receive a text message when the job is complete. 
  • Search Function: Those of you with a large number of files on your computers, worry not. Soonr has got you covered.
  • File Sharing: You can share files directly with other Soonr users, or send an email or SMS with an invitation. You can also forward files as attachments to any email address.

Most importantly, it’s free and if you haven't already fallen over in disbelief of what the iphone can do, then Soonr will bring you that much closer. Oh yeah, and although they have a native iPhone version that obviourocks, Soonr also works on any phone with a web browser and internet connection.

But Is There Security?!

Yes, of course. Soonr combines all of the goodness of storage and sync, but also adds the protection and reliability of continuous backup with version control. In fact, Soonr is the first ever back up based cloud computing system, and believe you us, they won't hesitate to tell you that.

Because they're already in the top 10 free applications in Apple's app store, we'll file away their bragging as well deserved.  

Other Sharks In the Water

Soonr's website also boasts that there's nothing else out there that comes close to what they offer, but we beg to differ. 

Another recent release is MobileFiles Pro by Quickoffice. Also compatible with Mac or PC and targeted toward iPhone users, MobileFiles Pro offers a lot of the same functionality as Soonr:

  • Access your files stored in your iDisk folder (an online storage repository)
  • Download and view files on your iPhone
  • Download and save files on your iPhone for faster/offline access
  • Upload files from your iPhone to your iDisk folder
  • Transfer files from your Desktop to your iPhone 

On the down side, it costs money (a very small amount), it doesn't recognize as many file formats and there's no mention of it working with any other phone but the iPhone.

One feature it does have up on Soonr, however, is editing capabilities. The first and so far only true spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel .xls) editor for the iPhone, at that. 

The first back up based cloud computing system and the first spreadsheet editor for the iPhone both released in the same week? It looks like it won't be long before other vendors start to follow suit. It will be interesting (for us) to see how it all plays out.

Give us a shout if you've got anything terribly pressing to say about the competitors. 

Meanwhile, we're going to get back to the less productive. Cow toss, anyone?