New iPad to Launch 8AM Friday, Could Sell a Million on Day One

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Apple's latest hardware icon will hit the stores at 8AM on16 March in all the regions it is getting a day one launch, with analysts expecting over a million sales.

Stand in Line

Getting up early for once, Apple Store staff will be ready first thing to take your order for a new iPad 3, along with the big box shifters like Target and Best Buy. Add the wireless networks including Verizon and AT&T selling their 4G equipped versions and there are plenty of places to get hold of an iPad 3 on day one, but expect brisk business.

The company's new tablet, which you might just have heard about at its launch last week will move the goalposts for tablets, and further secure Apple's dominance in the market. With its class-busting retina display, 4G connectivity and improved apps, lots of people seem to be rather excited about it.

The multiple sales points should help dilute the silly scenes of people queuing in massive lines, but the Apple Stores will no doubt be staked out by the media looking for a story (probably the one about tramps being sent into to buy them by scalpers). With the third generation iPad available in most major territories (U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and the U.K.; along with Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), expect a record breaking sales figure to be announced shortly after.

Online Not the Ticket

Going out and getting some fresh air will be a better option than trying online, with Apple's web store showing April shipping dates. As usual, Apple's web store collapsed immediately when the new iPadbecame available for pre-order and many buyers were left unable to put their cash down. 

Learning Opportunities

This is something you would have thought Apple would be ready to dealwith, given its phenomenal iPhone launches. Hopefully, next time, thingswill be better, but in a rare instance, it looks like going out into thereal world is your best bet if you want one.

Similarly, Amazon doesn't even have the new product listed yet, although that company is probably quite happy promoting its own Kindle Fire tablet instead. But, there are plenty of iPad 2s on-sale at the newly reduced price points, if the new fangled technology doesn't appeal. 

With further word that a smaller size iPad might come out later in the year (from bitter rival Samsung, oddly enough). The tablet wars are far from over as Amazon will likely offer a second generation Fire and Samsung will bring its own Nexus range of tablets to the market.