New Nokia/Microsoft Phones to be Announced Next Week
The Nokia World show taking place in London next week will see the first fruit of Microsoft and Nokia's collaboration for Windows Phone devices.

Form a Queue...

Having just announced a quarterly loss of 151 million euros (US$ 208 million), Nokia is looking forward to better times ahead via its alliance with Microsoft. The first fully-fledged examples of this teamwork should be demonstrated during the October 26-27 Nokia World event being held in London.

The news was mentioned by Microsoft's Andy Lees speaking at the Asian AllThingsD event where he mentioned multiple devices will be announced. Existing Windows Phone 7 models from a range of vendors have upgraded to the Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" edition. Still, with no sign of massive sales, the Nokia World event could be considered something of a new launch for the platform.

Competition TIme

However, competition could not be more fierce right now with the moderately-priced iPhone 4S on shelves now (if they haven't all sold out) and the Samsung Android Galaxy Nexus coming in November, Nokia will need an awesome launch to rise above the press generated by these big hitters.

Learning Opportunities

Nokia will need a range of devices across the main price points to attract a wide range of consumers plus some awesome features to turn heads. Nokia does have a 12-megapixel camera in its N8 phone and the stylish design of the X7 smartphone, but will need something immense to challenge its rivals.

We've already seen that the Mango version of the Windows Phone software is a creditable challenger to iOS and Android -- it just remains to be seen if the damage to Nokia's brand over a poor year for the company will keep buyers away from its upcoming products.